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Your Wedding Cake, Your Way

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cake 2Ordering a wedding cake is often the first opportunity for a bride to order a custom cake. Incorporating the theme of the wedding into every little detail – including the design of the wedding cake will have an eye catching effect amidst all the glamour and limelight. This theme can be tied in with the brides wedding jewelry, the general wedding decorations, as well as the wedding cake for a fabulous and seamless display of your new union. Since the shape of the round cake is the most simplistic, it is usually the least expensive. Additionally, it is usually much easier to decorate. In fact, you can discuss with your baker on the different shapes of the cake. Generally speaking, A larger cake style is more impressive in pictures at the cake-cutting ceremony you also want a certain amount of elegance associated with the cake as well.  In this case, size is not always everything. Take your time and find the perfect baker for your perfect day. You do not want to be disappointed, so it is best to choose a bakery that you know can deliver the cake you want. Ask the baker to see a few samples of their work and set up a day and time to taste a few of their cakes. If the baker has a keen eye, they will know that sometimes, they will have to cut the sides of the cake to make them look sharper and neater in order to optimize the optical aspect of the finished product.  Some things about the wedding cake to consider is whether it will be yellow cake, white cake, or even chocolate, what type of icing it’ll have on it, as well as how many layers it should have and how it will be spread out. Butter cream icing is perfect for wedding cakes with limited decorations.  If you would like to have a cream cheese frosting for your wedding cake, keep in mind that the traditional cream cheese frosting found on carrot cake is going to be cream colored rather than pure white.  Whatever you choose, be sure to have fun with it. You may even opt to replace the typical bride-and-groom on topper on the wedding cake with playful his and her alter-egos. Just have a ball with it. It is your day! Happy planning.



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